Shanghai: Where to stay (Airbnb at South Shaanxi and Middle Huaihai Rd. area)

I took my parents on a trip to Shanghai and thankfully they are also not very picky with where they will stay and sleep (just like me). We all had the same criteria whenever we’re looking for a place, it should have hot water, WIFI, and public transportation is very accessible.

I took some nights scrolling through Airbnb and found a place with a good price and perfect location.

We booked here ->

Aline was a great host! She replied super fast and was very accommodating. Her place was located literally accross iAPM mall and a subway station. There are also a lot of shops and a convenience store nearby so it was also fun to walk around the area.

This is how our room looked like!


perfect for three people


Across Aline’s place is iAPM mall and a subway station:


you can see the station as soon as you step out
you need to cross the street
to get to the station (my dad loves this station because there are 3 lines that is connected to South Shaanxi – line 1, 10 and 12)

If you don’t cross the street and walk on your left as soon as you get out, you’ll see a lot of stores and this kind of road :

my parents fell in love with the view!

My dad also noticed there was a Gentle Monster and a Line Store/Cafe so we spent a few hours there.

(ps. there are a lot of shops around the area – Fila, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo etc!)

He knows I LOVE Gentle Monster so he was the one who told me about it!

I was amazed and was freaking out inside!! I’m definitely getting myself a pair one day.

I also mentioned that there was a Line store/cafe so we went inside and took some photos.

all photos taken using an iPhone

Aline’s place is definitely a good choice if you’re not too picky with how the place should look like. We loved the place because it was comfy enough and the location was just perfect.

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