Best Cactus Club Cafe branch in Vancouver – Cactus Club Cafe, Coal Harbor (What to expect)

This is not the first Cactus Club Cafe I’ve been to during my trip but this branch was the most memorable one.

During our last day for the trip, we had a slow day and walked around Waterfront. My mother wanted to have some drinks while watching the sunset and my brother had the perfect place in mind – Cactus Club Cafe – Coal Harbor.

This branch has THE BEST view since there is an area that is purely glass from top to bottom which gives the customers a beautiful view while enjoying their food and drinks.

But first let me share some photos of Waterfont!

DSCF1211DSCF1220DSCF1240DSCF1242all photos taken using a Fujifilm X-A3 18-55mm

Okay now moving on to Cactus Club Cafe, Coal Harbor:


ps. request that you and your party will be seated at the “water view” so this is what you can enjoy!!!




drinks menu!


drinks with a view!

What we ordered:

MUST TRY ON THEIR DRINKS MENU: BELLINI (my current fave from Cactus Club Cafe)
Pesto Chicken Quesadilla
Pesto Chicken Quesadilla
Ravioli + Prawn Trio
Millionaire’s Cut

THE FOOD WAS CRAZY DELICIOUS!! Having dinner at Cactus Club Cafe, Waterfront for our last day was definitely an excellent choice!

ps. girls don’t forget to also visit their bathroom! you won’t regret it

IMG_0902IMG_0901IMG_0903all photos taken using an iPhone

πŸ’š, R

Cactus Club Cafe, Waterfont
1085 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3, Canada

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