Good place to dine for a celebration in Vancouver – Hawksworth, Rosewood Hotel Georgia (What to expect)

Just like what I mentioned from my previous post, my family and I recently went back to Vancouver to celebrate my brother’s graduation.

My brother was actually the one who chose the restaurants to celebrate his special day and his choices did not disappoint!

For his graduation dinner he chose Hawksworth which is located inside Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

I love the interior of the hotel! It felt very cozy and it definitely set the mood for dinner!!

This is how the hotel looks like:


You can go to Hawksworth thru a different entrance but we entered from a different door since we got valet parking for our car so we had to walk a little to get to the restaurant.

Here are some snaps of how Hawksworth looks like!




What we ordered:

Pan Roasted Scallop
Smoked Salmon
Alberta Beef Ribeye photo 1
Alberta Beef Ribeye photo 2
side dish for the Alberta Beef Ribeye
Lobster Tail

We also decided to get desserts!!

Dessert menu:


What we ordered:

Candy Cap Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate Chantilly (It was so sweet of the staff to add the “Congratulations” on the dish! They knew my brother graduated that day)

all photos taken using an iPhone

After we had dinner, the Filipino staff was kind enough to tour us around the wine cellar and the kitchen. Here are some photos we took ❤️️


photos taken using Fujifilm X-A3 18-55mm

This place is definitely a must go if you want to celebrate or if you just want to have a fancy date with someone special.

💚, R

Hawksworth, Rosewood Hotel Georgia
801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7, Canada

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