Brunch in Vancouver – Botanist, Fairmont Pacific Rim (What to expect)

My family and I went back to Vancouver during the latter part of May to celebrate my brother’s graduation! His graduation was around 1 or 2 PM and we all had to be at his school at around 11:30 AM so he decided that we should just have brunch since it would be hard to have lunch given our schedule for the day.

Fast forward to my brother’s graduation day, he picked to have brunch at Botanist, Fairmont Pacific Rim (please take note that this is at the Pacific Rim branch since my brother mentioned that there are three Fairmont branches in Vancouver) to have brunch and it was definitely a good pick.

there is “Pacific Rim” written below so you’d know you are in the right branch
how the hotel lobby looks like

As soon as you enter, walk straight towards the elevator and go up to 2nd floor.

you’ll see this as soon as you enter the elevator; the first line beside “2”  is Botanist Kitchen and Bar and that’s where you’re headed

Going out of the elevator, make a right turn and you’ll see the restaurant immediately.


one of my favorite part of the place!

You can choose to eat by the bar, garden and dining room. The bar looks like your typical bar.

The Garden area looks like this:


We decided to choose the dining room that day.

Here is how the Dining Room looks like!




We began by ordering Espresso Drinks and Pressed Coffee (their pressed coffee was SO GOOD)

sugar is in between the salt and pepper


These were the dishes we ended up choosing:

Botanist Benedict
Brioche French Toast
Cinnamon Pancakes

all photos taken using an iPhone

I wish there was a place like this is Manila! Dining here definitely made me very excited to start the day. All I felt was happiness and good vibes ❤️️

10/10 would recommend Botanist for your next brunch place!

💚, R

Botanist, Fairmont Pacific Rim
1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9, Canada

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