Kaiyukan area – Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Giant Ferris Wheel – NCT 127 went here and NCT went here for NCT Life (How to go and what to expect)(How to go and what to expect)

LI had no plans of going here and I’m not really the biggest fan of aquariums BUT NCT 127 went here when they had their concert for NCT Nation. It suddenly became a no-brainer for me to add it to my itinerary 😆.

After having lunch at Gyukatsu Motomura, we decided to take the bus since the walking is longer if we take the subway!

How to go to Kaiyukan area (the area is quite far) –

1. Ride bus 60号

this is what our bus looked like

I usually check Google Maps whenever we ride the bus so I know if it’s the next stop

2. Get down Tempozan Harbor Village

you’ll see the Giant Ferris Wheel immediately once you get down the stop
heading down the bus stop, you’ll turn left and walk straight until
you see this area, you’ll head towards this area (towards the area with blue and red)
as you walk towards the place, you’ll see the Giant Ferris Wheel on your left
just need to follow the road heading
don’t worry you’re heading in the right direction

As soon as we arrived here it started to drizzle so we tried to look for the ship where 127 took their photo 😭.

found the spot where they took the photo!
ohhhhhhhh 난 불가사의 (https://twitter.com/NCTsmtown_127/status/1700024822380826765)

we had to be quick because the drizzle was becoming rain

While waiting for the rain to subside (surprise it DID NOT STOP), we stayed at the gift shop for the meantime.

I do group orders and sell on Twitter (now X) so I was hosting a super short and small group order from the gift shop! Some members posted what they bought and it was later revealed that everyone got the starfish plushie!

You can watch the two episodes here – episode 1 , episode 2.

Anyone can enter the gift shop even if you didn’t visit the Aquarium!

the starfish that Mark posted on his Instagram and what everyone got!
Mark’s Instagram post (https://www.instagram.com/p/CxD1i7zvqFL/?img_index=1)
a fansite was able to take a photo of Johnny when they were heading back to Seoul
and an account found out that it came from the gift shop!
had to get one 😭 this is not my size though!!
there are actually 2 designs for the shirts with two color options each
a fan was also able to take a video of 127 as they were leaving and Doyoung was seen carrying two large paperbags!
He apparently bought this huge whale shark!
taking photos for memories
found this smaller version and bought it for my friend!
there were honestly a lot of plushies

I hid at Starbucks while I was posting everything and replying to people. Later, I found out that is where Johnny, Mark, Jungwoo, and Yuta sat 😆.

I was literally sitting where Yuta & Mark were in this photo 🤣 this is from episode 2!
it was a good spot to hide and work 😂

After having some coffee I told my friends we should head towards the Aquarium already! Plot twist though we were NOT ABLE to enter 😅.

we were already lining up but I was thinking why is there a time on a board being displayed so my friend asked and apparently it was a line for entry (2:45 PM entry) 😅
we were supposed to buy tickets (the one beside the entrance) for a scheduled entry to the aquarium but slots were sold out for the day, kinda of crazy!

I told my friend about the situation and told me I should have booked tickets the day before well lesson learned! You can’t find tickets from Klook so you have to buy them from their official website – https://webket.jp/pc/ticket/index?fc=00290&ac=0000. I’ll update this post if I decide to come here again for the tickets!

Anyway, since aquarium plans did not happen, I decided to just head back to Starbucks and waited for a bit until I closed the super short and small group order for that area.

Since the aquarium was a failure, my friends and I decided to ride the Giant Ferris Wheel instead!

it’s easy to find the directions heading towards the Ferris Wheel since they have English words!

we decided to buy our tickets from the ticket booth
but if you’d like you can also buy them from the machine beside the ticket booth

Got the tickets!

After, we followed the signs leading to the deck!

There are two choices for the cabin, either take the normal one or the see-through one. My friend has a slight fear of heights so we chose the normal one instead.

The rain was a bit strong as soon as we got in the cabin 😅.

We took some photos while we were inside!

This is one of the destinations for NCT Life in Osaka (episode 7) :

all photos were taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Would I recommend this place though? Probably if you love aquariums or NCT 😆. Place is a bit far too so I’m not sure if I’ll recommend this place if it’s your first time in Osaka UNLESS again you love aquariums or NCT.

Watch my Osaka travel film here!

💚, R

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