Huinnyeoul Culture Village : The Having Cafe + Kunst 204 (How to go, what to expect)

The original plan was to go to Sonmokseoga cafe (부산 영도구 흰여울길 307) but as soon as we arrived the place was PACKED.

The area where Sonmokseoga cafe is located is Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

How to go to Huinnyeoul Culture Village from Ibis  –

face the street opposite the beach
keep on walking straight
as soon as you approach the roundabout
you will be heading towards the left
and you’ll continue to turn left
and just keep on walking straight
until you reach the first corner
then you will turn left
and keep on walking straight until
you reach the end of the street
you will cross the road
to reach the bus stop (that gas station has been there since 2018 so you can mark that as your landmark for the bus stop)

Today, you will be taking bus 1006

As soon as you get down, this is the view!

Since Sonmokseoga cafe was packed, we ended up having coffee at The Having Cafe.

cafe is closed on tuesdays!
they have an outdoor area so we decided to go there
but the stairs
was a nightmare😭
but the view was so good
the place was packed so we sat at the back part
but, thankfully after a while, we were able to snag some seats in the front part


After having our coffee, I was sooo hungry because we only had bread my mom brought. We didn’t have a proper breakfast that day.

Walking around the same street as The Having Cafe, I stumbled upon Kunst 204. I saw the word “pizza” so I told my mom let’s go in here.

The cafe felt like it was a home turned into a cafe.

told my mom I wanted to sit by the table with that opened window
it was only when I saw this board that I realized ehhh it says Kun street!!!!!!! Like NCT / WayV Kunnie 🥹 he’s my WayV bias!

I was really happy that we decided to have our late lunch here.

we got a Bulgogi pizza

I also got another iced Americano LOL

I was so grateful during this moment! It felt like working hard over the past years was worth it for this peaceful lunch.

They also had an outdoor area but it was getting late and we still need to head to the next place. I’ll definitely come back!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Some places you can visit if you’re in the area are which are on my list are Huinnyeoul or Hynyeoul Munhwa Maul, Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel, and Jeoryeong Coastal Entrance. This is also the same area as Taejongdae Observation Deck which I still haven’t been to.

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