Sky Eye Observatory – NCT 127 Doyoung Cafe Midnight shooting location!! Taeyong also went here to visit (How to go, what to expect)

Thought I won’t be able to pass by here during my trip! I wanted to go to the cable car that Jisung rode as well but I couldn’t squeeze it into my itinerary😭.

following what Naver Maps told me, the bus stop was near the Lotte World Department store (this is their Gwangbok branch!)

There are several options that were given, DO NOT follow what I chose😭

I chose the first one with “least transfer”, I advise you to follow the second one!

I thought “oh 7 minutes walking ain’t that bad”.


this was my view as soon as I got down
was trying to find where will we walk, at this point, I was already praying “shit please do not tell me I need to climb those stairs, my mom will kill me”
but as I keep on pointing my phone to certain directions, it kept on leading me to the stairs
obviously, it took us more than 7 minutes to get to the destination
after climbing those crazy stairs, we had to walk UPHILL
until we saw the bus stop
PLEASE save yourselves by making sure you choose on riding THESE bus numbers only unless you want to exercise (save photo and zoom in!)
if you ride those specific bus numbers, it will lead you straight to Sky Eye Observatory

As soon as we arrived, I was so glad to see the benches.

Screenshots from Taeyong’s vlog!

I don’t have a Doyoung photocard but since I pulled Taeyong the other day, I made sure to bring him with me!

we took our time here and ate some bread! my mom and I were actually waiting for the sunset but it was so cloudy that day (little did we know it would rain so much that night)

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

I was actually glad I saw someone write down the name of this place. It was a different view of Busan✨.

Watch my Busan Travel Film here!

💚, R

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