BIFF square + Gwangbokro Fashion Street (How to go, what to expect)

For the past two visits to Busan, I feel like I wasn’t able to really absorb the area. So, I decided to allocate a full day in the area!

How to get to BIFF square :

coming from the cafe
the bus stop is literally just across
takes this long to head to BIFF
so as soon as you get down the stop, you will face left
and you will keep on walking straight
until you see a pedestrian on your right
you’ll already see the front part of BIFF square

The first thing I did as soon as we arrived was line up for some hotteok!

missed my chance of buying this before so I made sure to not miss it this time


We decided to walk the whole area, this whole area for almost the whole day.

As soon as we went towards the center, I saw some food tents but some were still closed. I definitely want to explore this area one day!

As we headed toward the center, I saw some commotion near the Kakao Flagship store (sadly Apeach cafe is STILL closed).

I saw cameras and the youtube logo but I didn’t know what it was for at that time.

I just knew after heading there that there was a random dance play.
*Found out a few days prior to me writing this post that I have some friends who saw me in these youtube videos😂*

After hearing them play 2 Baddies, I left the area and continued to walk around.

there are a lot of different stores here

if you’re planning on shopping, I suggest bringing another bag or hand-carry luggage so you won’t have a hard time carrying everything

While walking around, I FINALLY saw an ad for NCT 127. Sadly it was the one without Yuta😭. PUMA pls 😭.

even the display inside has no Yuta💔
I only saw a complete OT9 from ABC mart😭

I was able to try the “famous” TikTok coffee also here but I was so disappointed because it tastes like water!

My friends told me though to try the sweetened Americano next time.

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

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💚, R

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