Hajinene Grilled Clam Restaurant (하진이네) (How to go, what to expect)

This was part of my “to-go” places years ago but I couldn’t squeeze it in. We weren’t able to have a proper brunch at the cafe (my bad I was expecting they’d have sandwiches) so I decided to have late lunch here instead!

Heading to Cheongsapo was really on the list since the sky capsule ends here but unfortunately, we weren’t able to ride it.

Coming from Sky Capsule (Mipo station), we rode this bus
what’s great about the maps is that whatever color is being shown to you on the map, that’s also the bus color
as soon as you get off the stop, you will head towards the ocean and will turn left at the end of the road
yes, turn left
and you’ll walk straight
until you see the store with the pink sign
the pink sign is the name of the restaurant!

What to expect –

there are a lot of signatures but I don’t know who they are but it means it’s a good restaurant!!
we had the table facing the ocean🥹

seafood lunch with this view, amazing

you can totally skip on the shrimp unless you love shrimps!
shout out to the auntie who was so nice and peeled the shrimp for us😭

I think they know we’re not from around there so the auntie there was very nice as she cooked the seafood for us
really wanted to try grilled eel during this trip
but I think I still prefer the one with unagi sauce BUT dipping it with the sesame oil (??) sauce was so gooood

all photos were taken using an iPhone 11 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant and would want to come back for more shells or scallops!!

If you’re already in the area, I recommend dropping by Cafe Rooftop!

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💚, R

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