Lotte World Busan (How to go, what to expect)

The first time I saw videos and photos of this theme park was when my friends went to Busan for BTS’ Yet to Come concert. At that time, didn’t know that there was already a theme park in Busan!

I was SO excited when I found out about this!

Our Lotte World Busan tickets were bought from Klook, as always!

How to go to Lotte World Busan from Hotel Ibis budget Ambassador Haeundae :

as soon as you get out, face the road opposite the beach
you’ll be heading toward the roundabout

head towards the road on your right
and at this point, you’ll just keep on walking straight

as soon as you get to the end of the road
you’ll see a pedestrian, again you’ll just be walking straight at this point

it’s a bit of a walk, but you’re not lost

once you see CU and Compose coffee you will turn to your left
you’ll see the bus stop on your left!
you’ll have to cross the short pedestrian on your left
to get to the bus stop
today, we’re riding bus 1001 because that’s the bus that’s nearest to the theme park
there’s a screen where you’ll see how long it will take before the bus arrives

You’ll be going down after 11 stops (I switch between google maps and naver maps)


So as soon as you get down the bus stop, this is the view

view as soon as you get down the bus stop
walk straight
yes, keep walking until
you cross the first pedestrian
you’ll turn to your left and see another pedestrian
you’ll cross
continue to walk straight
you’ll just have to follow the path
and continue to walk straight
you’ll be walking a bit uphill
but you’ll eventually reach the place! you’ll see kind of colored wooden houses (?) on your right

there are stairs that will lead you to the main entrance

you made it! (not gonna lie, I thought I was gonna get lost on the way here 😭)

Since I bought my tickets from Klook, all I had to show the people at the entrance was the barcode shown inside the app!

we’re in!!!

I always ride the extreme rides as soon as I enter theme parks so I can take my time exploring the place after

it was one of THE BEST roller coasters I’ve road (haven’t been to 6 flags yet though!)

super crazy
time to munch on snacks
we got full from eating different snacks so we didn’t have lunch anymore
the park was small, you can finish it in less than 5 hours but I didn’t have to wait long to go on rides so maybe that was a factor also

had coffee before leaving because I haven’t had coffee for the day and I was getting sleepy already😭

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

I was so glad I was able to go to a theme park during this trip! I really love intense rides🥹.

Watch my Busan Travel Film here!

💚, R

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