Philippines to Singapore travel requirements (We flew out May 27, 2022!)

After two long years, I was able to FINALLY fly out of the Philippines. 😭 I was actually deciding between Singapore and Bangkok since we can fly there without doing quarantine when I booked tickets. I eventually decided to go with Singapore since they have Gentle Monster there (I was supposed to have my glasses adjusted back in 2020) and a theme park (Universal Studios😆)

I decided to fly to Singapore for a short post-birthday trip since it’s my last year in my 20s and I really didn’t want to spend it at home, again. I decided to treat my mom to Singapore too so I can fly out since I’m not allowed to fly or travel on my own.😂

Lucky for us, Singapore eased up their arrival requirements for Philippine passport holders.

Requirements for fully vaccinated Philippine passport holders only include :

  1. Proof of vaccination – should be fully vaccinated
  2. Singapore arrival card (filled up 3 days before)

If you want to :

A. Check or see Singapore’s checklist for being fully vaccinated, visit this link – This link is for those “Fully Vaccinated Travellers & All Children Below 12”.

B. Check requirements if you are under the group – “Non-Fully Vaccinated Travellers Aged 13 and Above”, you can visit this link instead –

C. Check their list of Accepted COVID-19 Vaccinations for Entry, you may visit this link –

(1) Proof of vaccination: Singapore only recognizes Vaccination Certification from VaxCert PH if you’re a Philippine passport holder. I would suggest that you complete your 2 vaccine shots and 1 booster before flying out.

(2) Singapore arrival card (filled up 3 days before): All you have to do is fill up the arrival card 3 days before your flight! Here is the link for the arrival card – .

It’s super easy and simple to fill up the Singapore arrival card (SG Arrival Card) !

Choose the Foreign visitors
I chose group submission since I was flying with my mom

I tried filling up the arrival card on the 24th since they said 3 days prior to arrival but they didn’t let me fill it up since apparently, I was a day early so I just filled it up on the 25th!

They count the arrival date as 1 day so count 2 days backward.

This was me filling it up on the 25th!
I just clicked “add traveller” so I could add my mom’s details
Hit submit once you’re okay
You are done! it’s as easy as that.
You’ll immediately get an email once you were able to successfully fill-up the form. If you can’t find it in your inbox, check your spam! My mom found hers inside her spam folders.

As soon as you arrive at Singapore immigration, they won’t even ask for your SG arrival card! They will just scan your passport and all the information will be flashed on their computers.

all photos were taken using an iPhone

*If you’re coming home from Singapore and you need to take an RT-PCR or antigen test because you still don’t have a booster shot, here are some places where you can get the tests before filling out your one health pass and flying back to the Philippines!

Make sure to check out this site for their full list –

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