What will happen to The Traveling Star during this Corona Virus outbreak

Hi, my stars, Regine here.

It has been months since the Corona Virus outbreak.

As much as it pains me, I decided to cancel 3 trips that I was supposed to have from March to April. They were the ones that were finalized this year.

I was very excited to write and share with you guys new places that can help you with your upcoming or future trips but, I decided to cancel them all for safety purposes.

I will definitely not shut down this blog as I’m positive that this outbreak will be over one day, but it will be quiet for a long time.

Hopefully, you will still come and visit my blog once in a while and for some, use it as an inspiration to save up enough money so you can travel too, once this outbreak is over.

I don’t have any trips planned out after the 3 that was canceled and this is a first for me for a long long time. I will use this time to catch up on reading some books or manga, fixing my polaroid albums, catching up on missed series or movies or anime or Kdrama, among other things.

Surely this outbreak will end soon, but for now, I hope you are safe and making sure you are healthy. Don’t forget to follow proper hygiene!

I can’t wait to write again for you guys in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support for The Traveling Star.✨✨


💚, R

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