Chicken Baengi (치킨뱅이) – Hongdae Branch (How to go and what to expect)

My cousin has been convincing me to go to this chicken place that he loves whenever he is in Seoul. But he doesn’t remember the name of the restaurant and he didn’t have any photo of the restaurant. I had a hard time looking for the place during my 2018 trip and was unable to eat there.

While planning for my trip this year, we accidentally found out the name of the restaurant and how you can go to their Hongdae branch.

My cousin has been raving about Chicken Baengi (치킨뱅이) ever since he knew I was flying back to Korea last 2018. He mentioned that they had THE BEST boneless chicken he had ever tried while he is in Seoul.

With high expectations, I went to their Hongdae branch to find out what he was raving all about.

How to go to Chicken Baengi (치킨뱅이):


1. Get down at Hongik University (Line 2, Gyeongui-Jungang, AREX)
2. Get out at exit 9


As soon as you get out of exit 9

view as soon as you get out of exit 9
face left and turn towards the left part of the street
walk straight
keep on walking straight
walk straight (do not turn left on the first corner)
walk straight
turn left after you reach the “fork” road
walk straight
walk a bit more
you can slightly see Chicken Baengi’s sign on your left
you have arrived!




What we got:

Fried boneless chicken with garlic (because my cousin highly recommended this) and fried boneless chicken spring onion.

I only knew that my cousin is a garlic addict after we ordered his highly recommended dish. We like garlic but we aren’t a huge fan like him so we preferred the spring onion over the garlic dish.

fried boneless chicken with garlic
my dad also ordered beer to make it a Chimaek 치맥 meal
fried boneless chicken spring onion

all photos taken using an iPhone

Would I recommend this place?

Only if you want to eat Korean chicken. I had high expectations for this restaurant since it was highly raved about my cousin but the Korean chicken I had in Vancouver is still my favorite one so far.

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