2 Days and 1 Night in Leavenworth (from Seattle) – Where to stay (Best Western Plus Wenatchee),where to eat (King Ludwig’s Gasthaus, Viscontis), and what to do (Leavenworth town, Waterfront park)

My brother told us that we should visit Leavenworth when we were in Seattle last 2016 but sadly we didn’t have a chance during that time. When it was planned that we’ll be heading back to Seattle in 2018, we made sure that we will visit Leavenworth while we’re there.

Leavenworth is a four (4) hour drive from Seattle so we decided to stay for a night because my dad might be too exhausted to drive back.

view during our drive to Leavenworth


While looking for a place, we initially searched for places at Leavenworth town but the prices were a bit high for us. The closest town that we could find with a cheaper alternative for lodging was in Wenatchee. Wenatchee is a 30 minute drive from Leavenworth which wasn’t so bad.

We booked our stay at Best Western Plus Wenatchee but be cautious when you’ll put in the location on your GPS. There should be the word “plus” as there are two Best Western hotels in Wenatchee (we already made a mistake with the hotels when we were there)

This is how Best Western Plus Wenatchee looks like:

this is how the lobby looks like at Best Western Plus Wenatchee! The lobby of the other Best Western looks different so you’ll know if you’re in the wrong hotel
lobby area
complimentary coffee, water, hot chocolate and tea
took a photo of the check in and check out time just in case anyone will also be staying here!
our room!
it was huge


definitely enough space for a family of four


DAY 1 

We arrived late in Leavenworth, I think around 4 PM which was just right for us to check in our hotel.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do much in Leavenworth town during the first day since it was already nearing night time (the sunset was so early because it was winter time). We decided to have an early dinner and roam around town enjoying the Christmas lights.

Where we had dinner: King Ludwig’s Gasthaus

there’s a long line inside so it’s best if someone from your group can already line up early


we got a platter that’s supposed to be good for four but we felt like it was too much for us. I suggest to order per dish.

After having dinner, we decided to roam around town.

ps. if you see this stall, try their mini donuts! they were delicious!

this stall!


we ordered the cinnamon sugar!

Photos of Leavenworth town during night time:



Before exploring the more of Leavenworth, we checked out from Best Western Plus Wenatchee so that we don’t have to drive back before heading to Seattle.


My brother’s friend recommended that we dine in Viscontis so we did during our second day in Leavenworth.


our view from where we were seated


their Prosciutto e Burrata was SO GOOD


After lunch, we decided to pass by the park we saw earlier before we headed to Viscontis. It was the Watefront park in Leavenworth!! We wished we had more time to explore the whole park.

Here are some photos! It’s a good place to take photos.


Fujifilm X-A3 18-55 mm

dscf2001dscf2022all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-A3 18-55 mm

I’d definitely recommend making time to take a day trip or an overnight stay in Leavenworth when you’re planning to visit Seattle!

I’m sure the town is still magical even if it’s not winter season.

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