BEST XIALONGBAO IN SHANGHAI – Jia Jia Tang Bao (How to go, what to expect and what to order!)

I discovered Jia Jia Tang Bao with my friends when we went to Shanghai so I was VERY EXCITED to take my parents here because I knew they will love it!

Shanghai is famous for their xialongbaos and not Taiwan (maybe because of Din Tai Fung’s popularity?).

How to go to Jia Jia Tang Bao:

Get out of People’s Square (Line 1/2/8, exit 8)

as soon as you exit
this is what you’ll see
walk towards the left
walk straight
and cross the street towards the right
towards Park Hotel
walk towards the curve of Park Hotel
walk straight
just keep on walking straight
just walk straight and cross this pedestrian
keep on walking straight
when I went with my parents there was already a line
this is how the outside looks like
and this is what you should see
it’s just across Yang’s dumplings

What to expect:

The place is just small so do not expect anything fancy. Before you can enter and sit down, you should order and pay for your food at the counter on your left.

the place is really small
and could only fit few people


You’ll see the “menu” as you enter. For those who don’t understand Chinese, you can ask for an english menu.

so on the upper part, the first one on the left is half crab half pork, followed by pure crab and the one on the white paper is a mixed of 3 variants (pure pork, egg and pork, half crab half pork) then at the end of the upper line is ginger (yes you have to buy ginger separately). the lower part on the left side are soup variants and the right are drinks
english menu

What to order:

We ordered the 3 variants, 2 orders of the half crab half pork and an order of the pure crab.

Personally you could totally skip the 3 variants (I wasn’t a fan of the egg + pork mix).

My parents LOVED the pure crab xialongbao!

So my recommendation is the
1. Half crab half pork xiaolongbao
2. Pure crab xiaolongbao

tip: finish the half crab half pork xiaolongbao first before eating the pure crab xiaolongbao since the pure crab is very rich in flavor and if you’ll eat the half crab half pork after, it might taste bland to you

you can see them prepare the xiaolongbao


82 is your “order” number or whatever is written on the receipt using a pen
half crab and half pork xiaolongbao! (it was supposed to be 12 pieces but my dad already ate one before I was able to take a photo)
THIS WAS THE PURE CRAB XIAOLONGBAO!! they were bigger so the order was placed in 2 steamed basket
3 variants

If you’ll come here for lunch, come early!

There was a long line (longer than when we arrived) when we were done eating.

IMG_5589IMG_5590all photos taken using an iPhone

Jia Jia Tang Bao should be on your list if you’re a foodie or if you want to taste legit and local xiaolongbao!

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