Day trip to Biei Photo Blog: What to do (Zerubu-no-Oka, Blue Pond, Shiraige Waterfall)

One of the places that was part of our Hokkaido itinerary was a day trip to Biei.

I decided to make some posts from our Hokkaido trip a “photo blog” since I can’t share the “how to” of these places.

Don’t worry I’ll share our itinerary on our Hokkaido trip. Again, I recommend that you take a tour if you’re planning to go around Hokkaido since the places are far from each other.

ice cream break during our stopover!


The first place that was on our list was Zerubu-no-Oka. This was actually not part of the original itinerary but our tour guide decided to take us here since there were more flowers that bloomed here. Our timing in Hokkaido was off since we were too late for spring/summer and too early for autumn.



Blue Pond

According to our tour guide, the pond contains aluminum that when mixed with the  water produces a substance called “colloid.” When the colloid is hit by the light from the sun, it creates a short light wavelength that when reaches the human eye appears a pure cobalt blue color!!

you have to walk for around 10-15 minutes to get to the Blue Pond
took this photo only with an iPhone!!!!
yes, this photo was also taken with only an iPhone!! HOW PRETTY!!


view near the bus parking lot


there were no cars that were passing by so I asked my dad to take my photo!

Shiraige Waterfall

I was actually sad that the view where we stood was from a bridge so the waterfall was quite far from us. Nonetheless I was still amazed on how beautiful it looked!


we actually had more fun on the bridge!! my dad and his friends loves to do jump shots

After visiting Shiraige Waterfall, we had lunch at 小玉家本店 where they gave us  Katsudon and Soba.

all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-A3 18-55 mm

Next up on the photo blog series : Noboribetsu!

What my Hokkaido Travel Film!

💚, R

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