One of the best Japanese rice bowl and sashimi restaurant in Hong Kong – Big Bang Don 爆丼屋 , Mongkok (How to go and what to expect)

The discovery of this restaurant is VERY ACCIDENTAL by my best friend and I when we went to Hong Kong during 2017. We went around Mongkok, got tired, hungry and didn’t want to queue at Cafe de Coral because the line was too insane.

After trying it out the first time, I told myself that I’ll bring my parents here when we go to Mongkok (we always head over to Mongkok when we’re in Hong Kong).

*warning: there is no exact HOW TO heading over this restaurant since we were shopping at Mongkok and I just looked for the landmarks I took note the first time I dinned but I’ll try to put it in detail should I head over Big Bang Don again*

your main landmark is the Adidas store near the tents at Mongkok
how to know if it’s the right Adidas? you should spot Soy Street
or just find Cafe de Coral because it’s just beside the place


Upon finding the restaurant, get your queue number by the machine near the door:

puch the number of people that will dine
first line on the paper is your number
wait for your number to flash on the LED board
they won’t let you enter if you don’t place your order first. you can find the menu near the door
took photos of the menu for you guys so you won’t have a super hard time when you decide to eat there


Once your number is called, you’ll be directed inside.

you’ll be sharing a table with different people


we got salmon and the toro (tuna belly) sashimi (I was happy to see my parents smile after they tired the tuna belly😭)
Grilled Eel Big Don 1
Grilled Eel Big Don 2
Salmon and mixed Sashimi Big Don

all photos taken using an iPhone

I would 100% recommend this place to those who has Mongkok on their itineraries, is in Mongkok but doesn’t know where to eat and to those who LOVE Japanese food!

💚, R

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    1. haha! The name of the restaurant was actually the reason why I decided to give it a try since I love Big Bang (SoKor band) 😂😂

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