Pink Pool Cafe, Myeongdong (What to expect)

After spending the early part of the afternoon walking around Myeongdong, we decided to visit the first branch of Pink Pool Cafe from Style Nanda. (Style Nanda has also a branch in Hongdae! click me to “see” the place and the HOW TO GO)

We found it by accident while walking around Myeongdong (again huhu I am so sorry but I will try to take more clearer steps in photo on the how to go once I go back).

The only landmarks I can offer you is it’s near the huge Holika Holika boutique, it’s the same parallel road as ALand.

Comparing Myeongdong branch with Hongdae:
Myeongdong: super chill place if you stay at the outer area of the cafe (totally the best place to relax, unwind and take a break)
Hongdae: Pink, pastel and aesthetics galore (you can take more photos here)

exterior of Style Nanda!




we rode the elevator and headed straight to Pink Pool Cafe (no intention of buying clothes huhu they were too big or long for me)
“shower” area where you can fit your clothes!
the place was full so we decided to head to the open area of the cafe
you have to climb the stairs to reach the outside part of the cafe
this actually lights up at night


bought the BTS x Puma Turin shoes! How does it look?
Yan actually fell asleep here! The place was so chill!!
decided to use the stairs in walking down to see how the other floors look like


You can read about what other things you can buy or eat while your around Myeongdong by clicking me!

πŸ’š, R

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