Watching a movie in Cineplex Entertainment at Marine Gateway (What to expect)

We left early December and we weren’t able to catch Star Wars: Rogue One when it was showing in Manila so my brother, my dad and I decided to catch it together while we were in Vancouver.

My brother was excited for me to finally catch a movie in Vancouver because despite the price (watching a movie in Vancouver is crazy expensive compared to watching it in Manila) you get to pour as much butter as you want on your popcorn!!! They have a butter dispenser!!!

We decided to catch the last full show for Star Wars: Rogue One since I think my brother had school or work that day. We decided to meet at Marine Gateway I think 7 ish so my dad and I bought tickets ahead for the three of us.



IMG_5890all photos taken using an iPhone


Eat: A&W

My dad totally missed the root beer of A&W, there’s no A&W anymore here in the Philippines, so the three of us decided to have dinner here!


loving the detail on their door

IMG_5882IMG_5883IMG_5884all photos taken using an iPhone

It was definitely an experience since I’m used to watching a movie inside a mall since it’s how it is in the Philippines unlike in other countries where they have an area exclusively for their cinemas.

💚, R

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