Nike Company Store and Adidas Village in Portland (What to expect)

For our first day in Portland we decided to visit Nike Company Store and Adidas Village.

Unlike Seattle, where you can practically walk to places, it’s different in Portland since the places are a bit far and it’s really recommended that you rent a car.

My dad rented from Enterprise Rent a Car. If you’re from the Philippines (like me) all you have to do is bring your driver’s license it should be the plastic one but to be sure, it would be ideal to bring a Certificate of License (you will file for request at LTO but you will pick it up at DFA) as proof that you are eligible to drive in the States.

Nike Company Store

My dad was the one who was able to score us passes to the Nike Company Store.
We used Garmin to help us navigate. We already had it since I think 2011. My parents bought it since they thought it will be useful when we go for a drive here (Waze wasn’t still available during that time) or when we go back to the States

on our way to Nike Company Store!


we’re here!!!


The place inside was definitely huge and it will really take you hours to just walk inside and look at their products and try some on.


Trivia: Nike’s Swoosh design was made during 1972


all photos taken using an iPhone

Adidas Village

From Nike Company Store, we headed straight to Adidas Village. Obviously we spent a lot of time at Nike since it was already night time as soon as we got to Adidas Village.


The place was definitely smaller than Nike Company Store but it was heaven!!
(Currently I’m crazy about Adidas > Nike)IMG_4985IMG_4989

Superstar is definitely one of Adidas’ iconic shoes
Adidas definitely made a name for itself during the earlier days specifically during 1980’s thanks to hip-Hop band Run D.M.C. who made them their signature fashion choice on stage. They even released a song entitled “My Adidas” in 1986 which further boosted the Superstar’s popularity
it was really hard to climb those shoes!!! (tip: DO NOT GO ALONE IF YOU WANT TO CLIMB THOSE SHOES!! My dad and brother had to help me)


These outlets were definitely one of my favorites when we went to Portland!

💚, R

Nike Company Store
3485 SW Knowlton Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA

Adidas Village
5055 N Greeley Ave, Portland, OR 97217, USA

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