Portland: Where to stay (Park Lane Suites)

First of all I’m sorry again since I don’t have a lot of photos of Park Lane Suites and Inn because I really did not have any plans on making a blog during our stay there but I will try my best to google some photos and place some here.

For our stay in Portland, we decided to book at Park Lane Suites and Inn since it was one of the “affordable” places in Portland with free parking. (http://www.parklanesuites.com/)

Why free parking? My dad already knew that we had to drive around Portland to get to places (especially if we wanted to go to the outlets since it was waaay far from the city) so it was important to find a place that offers free parking.

Coming from Portland Union Station, we took the bus (tho there was definitely more walking and more pushing of our luggages compared to Seattle).

We took bus 20 since one of it’s stop is W Burnside & NW King (one of the closest stops to Park Lane)

Portland Union Station > Bus stop at W Burnside & NW 5th
1. Walk south to NW 6th Ave (if you see the NW Broadway Bridge you’re going to the wrong direction)
2. Turn left to NW Everett St
3. Turn right onto NW 5th Ave (first block on the right after turning left from NW Everett St)
4. Walk straight and turn right to W Burnside St

You should see this because the bus stop is this one:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.50.42 PM.jpg
photo from Google Maps (ty Google Maps)

W Burnside & NW 5th > W Burnside & NW King
1. Ride bus 20
2. Get down at the 7th stop – W Burnside & NW King
** be alert when you hear W Burnside & NW 20th Pl (6th stop) since you should go down on the next stop

W Burnside & NW King > Park Lane Suites and Inn
1. Walk down W Burnside & NW King and
2. Turn left onto SW King Ave
3. You will see Park Lane Suites and Inn on your right

You should walk towards here and check in:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.00.10 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.00.43 PM.png the little sign will say Park Lane Suites
both photo from Google Maps

That is where we only checked in but we actually Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.19.47 PMstayed here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.01.01 PM.pngphoto from Google Maps

The sign says “The Inn then under “The Inn” it says Park Lane Suites”.

This is just across where you checked in.

Staying at “The Inn” was hard because the room given to us was on the second floor and for you to reach the second floor, you only had one option: stairs. The distance of their stairs is crazy long and so it was hard for us to carry our luggages.

This is how our room looks like:
(sorry for the mess! I took a photo the day when we were leaving)

IMG_5073IMG_5074both photos taken using an iPhone

The room is/was definitely small for a family of 4. We didn’t expect the room to be that small since this was the photo that was posted on their site.

guestroom2photo from Park Lane Suites and Inn’s website

I would only recommend this place only if you are thinking of getting free parking space during your stay in Portland and if you are not that picky with hotels.

WIFI was okay, there is hot water, no free breakfast, BUT there is a nearby TACO BELL restaurant, a convenience store and a supermarket.


Park Lane Suites and Inn
809 SW King Ave,
Portland, OR 97205

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