First Ever Starbucks Store and Pike’s Place Market in Seattle (How to go and what to expect)

The nice thing about Seattle is that it’s quite easy to get to places since you can just walk going there (unlike in Portland).

Humble beginnings – the first ever Starbucks Store!!!
Their specific address is 1912 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101, USA.

I took a photo of the map that I brought home and here is where they are (tho there is no logo or whatsoever on the map of where Starbucks is but this is where you will see them). It may “look” far but in reality it’s just near (for me).

I also encircled La Quinta Inn & Suites just in case you will also book with them!


Here are some photos that I took!


ewww excuse my face! woke up crazy early that day


I just had to try their Pike Place special coffee!!

all photos taken using an iPhone

One of the places you MUST NOT MISS while you’re there is Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. Actually we didn’t know about this stall but we saw a long line and it caught our curiosity!! It’s just the same street at Starbucks.


they were showing everyone how their cheese are being made


my dad was the one who ordered for us while we looked for seats inside

all photos taken using an iPhone

Coming from Beecher’s (or even Starbucks) if you look at your back you will immediately see Pike Place Market!

There are a lot of things that you can see in Pike Place Market, from fresh seafood to established restaurants, to small antiques shop etc.

IMG_4473IMG_4481all photos taken using an iPhone

Our stay in Pike’s Place was short but we were able to try some of the food that they were offering!

One of the stalls we were able to try is Pike’s Pit BAR-B-QUE.
It happened that it was a Thursday when we went there so we were able to try their Double Smoked Bone-In Ham (but in burger form).
We also tried their Meaty Pork Ribs (tho we only had one bone each cause we wanted to try other food as well) .

I think what made me love the food that Pike’s Pit BAR-B-QUE was offering was their barbeque sauce. It was really just the right amount of sweet and spicy! Tho if I remember correctly you can choose the level of spiciness (perfect for those who love spicy foods)


Double Smoked Bone-In Ham

all photos taken using an iPhone

So whenever we go to the States, my family and I would always look for good clam chowder (esp my dad). My parents have already been to Seattle a few years back and my dad knew that one of the places to get good clam chowder is from Lowell’s (just a little trivia: Lowell’s has been around since 1957!!) .

As soon as you enter, you place your order at the first floor – we got clam chowders and a burger. After ordering we went to the second floor WHICH HAS THE BEST VIEW OVER SEATTLE. Scroll down to see the photos!


we decided to seat by the window and lucky us since we were arrived just in time for the sunset
another sunset photo since i’m a sucker for sunsets

IMG_4891IMG_4892IMG_4899all photos taken using an iPhone

I was a little bit sad that our stay at Pike Place was short but hopefully one day we’ll be able to go back and try more food stalls/restaurants!

What would you recommend if we were to go back?

💚, R

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