Saddler Haus (How to go, what to expect)

I really love croffles! I have been dreaming of the time I will be back in Busan just to have the croffle at Cafe Rooftop.

Was not able to have a good croffle during my trip last April so I was a bit determined to find a good one during this trip. After browsing through the internet, I came across multiple articles saying Saddler Haus has one of the best croffles.

How to go to Saddler Haus :

ride the bus and get down at Sinsa-dong Gogae (you an ride bus 145, 148, 4212, 1100, or 8001)
you’ll walk straight until you see the first corner you will turn right
the corner is after Hotel AnteRoom Seoul
you’ll turn towards the alley
and you’ll walk straight
just keep on walking straight
you’ll notice “eat more pastry” sign on your right
that’s how you know you made it!

Saddler Haus is downstairs, be careful!

I know this place was pretty famous but I didn’t expect a full house

The place was packed so I was told that I needed to get in line. You need to find a place first before ordering! No seat, no order.

there’s a tablet near the entrance where you’ll enter your name & how many you are
they will call you once there’s already a seat inside!

It took a while until there was a space for us inside. The place was really packed and it was a weekday!

I got the original one and my mom got the salted caramel one

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

My friend already told me the croffles were just okay nothing special but I was still excited to try them! The plain one tasted better after I had a bite and took a sip of coffee. I think they tasted okay but the croffle I had in Busan was still on top of my list! If you have places where they sell good croffle, please recommend me some 😆.

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💚, R

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