D23 Cafe (How to go, what to expect) – NCT Jaehyun went here!

I went to Taiwan for a quick trip with my family since we need to do some personal things! At first, I thought there won’t be time to squeeze for me to come to visit this cafe but there was one morning when we had some free time so, of course, I had to visit the cafe!!

Initially, I had 0 plans of making a post for this cafe so you have to bear with me as I try to mix some photos I was able to take from my iPhone and screenshots from Google Maps so I can guide you through!

There are two ways to get to the cafe

  1. Ride the subway
  2. Ride the bus

You get down at the same stop if you choose either way! For us, it was better to take the bus because if we rode the subway it would have taken us longer since we had to change lines.

The stop you should be on the lookout for is Dazhi Station.

this was a screenshot I took while trying to figure out how to go to the cafe πŸ˜†
if you choose the subway : you will get down at Dazhi Station and get out of Exit 2!

Choosing the type of transportation is not an issue because both ways are really near each other. I’ll show you!

It was still early so the weather was still good. My dad and I decided to pass through the park to get to the cafe.

The park looks like this!
there were a lot of trees so walking toward the cafe felt good.

As you exit the park, this is what you’ll see. Don’t get too shocked, you’re in the right way.

this is the view you’ll see as you get out of the park, and you’ll be facing the left
you’ll walk all the way until the first corner
as you see the corner, you will turn towards the right
you’ll walk towards the street until you reach the first corner again
as you get to the corner you will face and walk towards the left, opposite of 7/11!
from here all you have to do is walk straight
yes just straight!

You’ll find D23 Cafe on your left! MADE IT!

As soon as you get in, you’ll see the display that Jaehyun posted!

ahhh his dimple is so cute 😭

I noticed that the cafe is actually just small as we got in. There were also seats and tables on the left side as well as seats near the window.

I’m someone who loves Americano so that’s what I got, while my dad got a cappuccino! We also got a croissant which was just so-so.

It took me a while before I was able to go to where Jaehyun took his Instagram photo since the couple sitting there took their time with their coffee and books πŸ˜†.

Did you know that by going to this cafe, you can actually re-create another one of Jaehyun’s Instagram post?

using where I sat as the POV, all you have to do is actually just walk a bit further – where the circle is!

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max

I love how I was blonde at that time too hahahaha!! it was a good time to re-create the photo esp in my Valentine era!!


Hope this post could help you! Apologies again since I had to use a lot of images from Google Maps. If you got any questions though, feel free to hit me up on my socials!

πŸ’š, R

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