NUDAKE in Haus Dosan (What to expect)

Coming from Cafe Kitsune, we also walked to Haus Dosan. We really had a lot of walking!!

The walk was almost 30 minutes but I remembered asking my mom which one she preferred. Even if we ride the bus to Haus Dosan we still need to walk for a bit. She chose to walk to Haus Dosan since the weather was good that day!

Again, highly encourage and recommend you to download Naver Maps if you’re visiting South Korea.

I also realized while writing this post that I was not able to take enough photos 😭. I’m so sorry, I think I was the one who got tired from the walking and not my mom😆.

Haus Dosan has 6 floors in total.


1st Floor – Lounge (but there is already Gentle Monster eyewear on display here)

2nd – 4th Floor – Gentle Monster

5th Floor – Tamburins

I immediately went down to Nudake since the cafe was the reason why I went to Haus Dosan

so sad that their microissant was sold out

I just had iced americano there since I wanted something cold after that long walk 🫠

all photos were taken using an iPhone 13 Pro Max / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

We stayed here for a while since I need to do some work. We didn’t order any pastries since we were going to have a heavy dinner that day!

If you want to see or read about Haus Dosan before heading there, you can check out their website –

Again, I’m super duper sorry that I wasn’t able to take enough photos😭! If you guys have any questions though leave me a comment and I’ll reply to them!

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