Favorite Takoyaki place : し奈川 (How to go, what to expect, and is it really good?)

When we went to Osaka the first time, I was this kid who was a picky eater. But, as I research about Osaka and what they specialize at – which is Takoyaki, I decided that I will stop being picky and try out Takoyaki.

Well, it’s obviously apparent that I fell in love with Takoyaki that I even have a favorite Takoyaki place at Osaka.

We accidentally discovered this place before and I was desperate to find this place again when we went back. We walked around for 90 minutes trying to figure out where we were walking years back.

I almost gave up but thankfully my dad was very persistent in finding the Takoyaki place because he knows how much I love the Takoyaki from that stall, thankfully all our efforts were not put to waste as we were able to find the place!!

The Takoyaki stall is just across “Doton Plaza”, but if you’re coming from Dotonbori, here’s how you can get to the Takoyaki stall.

ps. their operating time is from 7 PM – 2 AM.

From Dotonbori :

at this end of Dotonbori Street
this is how the end looks like
but you will not enter , rather face right . Doton Plaza is the one encircled on the right. You should see Doton Plaza
so as I was saying, you will not enter Dotonbori Street but face right and walk
just keep on walking straight
end you’ll end up at the Takoyaki shop (encircled in yellow). it was closed when I went during the day as they open at 7 PM.
this is how the shop looks like when it’s open. the shop’s name is し奈川
another angle
they’re saying they have been making Takoyaki since 1978! WOW
YAS!! Their Takoyaki are bigger than the usual size. You only have 1 option when you order, it’s 600 yen for 10 pieces
what I love about their Takoyaki is that they didn’t put any sauce (not that I dislike the sauce), they only placed fish skin placed on top. Because they decided to do this, you get to taste and appreciate the ingredients they used in making the Takoyaki. That’s why their Takoyaki is my favorite!
so tired from that 90-minute walk BUT I had to take a photo because we were so happy that we found the place

all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

Just wanted to share a photo of me back in 2013 that my brother took!


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