Odaiba City : Odaiba Liberty and Unicorn Gundam – NCT 127 Yuta went here (How to go and what to expect)

Odaiba’s famous for having a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the huge Unicorn Gundam which appears on people’s social media profiles.

While trying to search where can I find Odaiba Liberty – there was almost no instructions whatsoever! People just mentioned that it was one of the ‘must visit’ landmarks in Odaiba.

Thankfully I was able to find her and I can share with you how you could find her as well!

How to get to Odaiba (Odaiba Liberty and Unicorn Gundam) :

1. Get down at Daiba Station
option line and station code –
Yurikamome Line – U07
Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.17.46 PMU

2. Choose between North or South exit

North exit will take you directly to Lady Liberty
while South exit will take you straight to Unicorn Gundam

If you choose to get out from North exit, this is the view:


Odaiba Liberty :

Odaiba Liberty is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. This was a gift from the French during the 1998 to commemorate France-Japanese ties for a year.

You can also see the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower behind Lady Liberty.


Lady Liberty upclose!


Konnichiwa Lady Liberty!

After visiting Lady Liberty, you can walk towards Diver City – where you can find Unicorn Gundam!

From Lady Liberty –

walk towards the rectangle building
and there will be a pathway on your left
this should be your view!

Ride down until the first floor and get out to see Unicorn Gundam.

on our way to the first floor there was a lot of promotions for Attack on Titan! Apparently there was an Attack on Titan ride!!! They only spoke in Japanese so I couldn’t ride it 🙁


so I just took photos instead 🙁


we missed Gundam transforming into a unicorn by a few minutes 😭but here is the time schedule! I think he transforms during 11:00,13:00, 15:00 and 17:00 daily

We also decided to have an early dinner inside Diver City since we saw that they have a food court!


we got roast beef bowl (my dad loved Red Rock so he wanted to have another roast beef bowl but this couldn’t compare to the one at Red Rock)
tempura don
TAKOYAKI (missing the takoyaki in Osaka)

all photos taken using an iPhone / Fujifilm X-T20 18-55 mm

NCT 127 Yuta also went here!


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