Visa Application to Japan for Philippine Passport Holders

Japan is one of the more famous places for Filipinos to visit and so I’ve decided to share with you my experience in applying for a visa.

I’m travelling back to Japan this September. It’s not my first time to go here, I’ve already went to Toyko and Osaka years ago but my current destination is a different area of Japan! You cannot directly go to the Japanese Embassy and you have to go to a travel agency instead to help you get a visa. Thankfully my go to Travel Agency – Golden Chariot Tour and Travel Planner Inc. can help me apply for my visa.


1. Philippine Passport
– Valid for 6 months PROIOR date of travel
– MUST have signature
– Should have at least 2 blank pages
– Broken lamination of the photo part WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

2. Application Form
-print in A4 size (sharing with you the Japan Visa Application Form)

3. 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm (2 pcs)
– On white background
– Photo MUST be PASTED on the application form, DO NOT STAPLE

4. Birth Certificate of Applicant
– Must be from PSA main office / Serbilis Center issued within 1 year

5. Marriage Contract
– Must be from NSO main office/ Serbilis Center issued within 1 year

!! If the applicant has old or valid passport with used Japanese Visa, he/she is exempted from submission of Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract.

He/she must attach the old passport with used Japanese Visa !!

6. Certificate of Employment
– For Employee: Stating position, tenure of service and with gross annual income
– For Self-Employed: DTI Business Name Registration and or SEC Registration Certificate

7. For Minors (Student)
– Notarized Affidavit of Support
– Copy of School I.D.

8. Daily Schedule in Japan
– Day to Day planned itinerary (sharing with you how it should look like, click me)

9. Bank Certificate
– Original

10. Income Tax Return Copy
– Form 2316 / 1700 / 1701 / 1702 (original and photocopy)

Duration of visa processing: 5 – 7 working days

Hope this helps for your application to Japan!

💚, R

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