Yeouido Hanggang Park and Han River (How to go and our experience with buying, making, and eating Ramyeon!)

I came across a blog where eating Ramyeon along Han River was one of the “local” thing to do so I decided to take my friends there.

Yeouido Hanggang Park:
**Regine: there were blogs where they pointed at the wrong exit so we had to walk far (10-15 min walk) but luckily I was able to notice a subway exit that is 100% NEAR to Yeouido Hanggang Park and Han River! I’m sharing the subway exit that I found**

1. Get down at Yeouinaru station (line 5)

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 5.01.52 PM.png

2.  Go out of exit 2


3. As soon as you get out of exit 2, you’ll see Yeouido Hanggang Park immediately.



Note: the park is actually very long, you can walk straight to see the other parts of the park

This is how the entrance to the park will look like:


see that mini stop? there are a lot of places like that which are scattered around the park. that’s where you can purchase Ramyeon

Eating Ramyeon

entrance to the convenience store


RAMYEON! Price of my ramyeon: 3,000 won
there are “cooking” stations outside where you can cook the ramyeon (PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS- THERE ARE ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS)


took a photo of my friend’s ramyeon! (I failed to follow instructions and my ramyeon was not pretty enough to take a photo)

Now, look for your own spot around the park and enjoy your ramyeon ❤️️


Here are some photos we took around Yeouido Hanggang Park

IMG_6145IMG_6147IMG_6150IMG_6152IMG_6157all photos taken using an iPhone

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