Regine’s Current Skincare and Makeup favorites – mostly Kbeauty!! (+My go-to and trusted Kbeauty YouTubers)

If you follow me on Instagram, I asked if you guys would be interested to know my skincare and makeup favorites and all of you who voted said yes!

I’ll be sharing my current go-to skincare favorites with you first because personally I believe that it is very important to take care of your skin.

Note: Everyone has a different skin type and not everyone’s skin reacts the same way, even with the same product. Fair warning: The products I will be sharing have been effective on my skin – but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be effective to yours.




For the past year or so, I have been adjusting my “prep” time to give way for my skincare routine every morning.

These are what I use daily and I apply them in this order:


It’s gentle to the skin and it removes the dirt before you apply anything (I was surprised to see the cotton a bit dark even after I shower!)


After reading blogs and watching vlogs regarding this product, I was convinced to buy it and try it. After consistently using this – I noticed that my pores weren’t as “huge” as before! This is actually my second bottle since I tried it!


o-m-g! THIS HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE EVER SINCE I TRIED IT! I made a mistake in buying the unscented one (pls do not buy the unscented one) since it didn’t have the same formula and consistency as the original product. Definitely one of my holy grails! It has kept my skin super moisturized (I used to have dry patches on my cheeks) ever since I started using this one!


There are times when I am just tired after a long day, but even if I’m tired I always make sure to remove my makeup and do my skincare routine. You have to be very disciplined when it comes to doing your skincare if you want to see results.

Products that I will be mentioning below are what I use in order:


I use to not care about what makeup remover I used (I still use oil based remover) until I tried this Chia Seed makeup remover! There’s a cooling effect afterwards, every time I use this on my face!


Still my go-to cleansing foam! if you read my previous nighttime skincare routine, you’d recognize this product!


This product is a must for me!! There are times when I already used my oil-based makeup remover and cleansing foam but there is still makeup left! I use this to make sure no makeup is left on my face. This is actually Etude House’s new variant for their “Wonder Pore” product.


Ever since I watched Joan Kim’s video about “best eye cream” I have been wanting to get my hands on this product. I’ve only been using it recently but so far, I am loving it!


On a weekly basis (or sometimes 2x a week), I would put on a sheet mask. I have been loving Nature Republic’s sheet mask since last year because they are actually the cheapest ones you can find and they don’t sacrifice the quality! (My top favorites are the Royal Jelly and Avocado variant)


If you have read my previous nighttime skincare routine, you would know that this Tony Moly Ferment Snail Emulsion is one of my holy grail product. Sadly, when I went to Korea this 2019, they have rebranded and reformulated this product and it wasn’t the same.

Thankfully I was able to find a replacement product just in time!

My uncle gave me this Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream as a gift for Christmas last 2018. When I researched on this product, I was amazed with what I saw! There was an experiment that was conducted by Kiehl’s – there were 3 hikers and they went up a mountain. To help them keep their skin protected, they brought and used the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. I thought “this is perfect”, I can test it out myself when I will go to Canada (Vancouver, Banff) and USA (Seattle, Leavenworth) because it is so cold and 2/4 of those places have temperatures below 0 degrees!

I WAS SO AMAZED! I never got a dry patch despite the weather! It was a first for me because I was still having a hard time finding a good product during the cold! Once I finish my Tony Moly Ferment Snail Emulsion, I will be using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream every night.

//Not part of my skincare routine but I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!!!//


There was a time when I was so curious on how a (clear) patch could help me remove the pus on my acne. I wasn’t so open on to the idea that all I had to do was stick the patch on my pimple and the pimple will cease to exist. To put my curiosity to rest, I bought a pack to try it and THE RESULT BLEW ME AWAY.

The pimple was really gone and the pore wasn’t fully opened anymore! The patch was able to remove the pus and “close” the pore in just a few hours! Ever since then I cannot live with this product and I have to always have stocks on hand.




Back in college, I was the last one to learn and take interest in makeup amongst my friends. I had a hard time finding what I really wanted and what would fit me as most of the makeup that was “so hot” were all western brands.

It probably wasn’t my “style” since I felt like most western brands were “heavy” on the face.

Before I apply my makeup, I would first put on sunscreen.


This should not be a surprise to you if you, again, have read my previous skincare routine post. Ever since my friend recommended this, it has been my go-to sunblock. I was thinking about trying the sunblock stick-type but not sure if I would like it. Have you tried it? If yes, please tell me how it is!

Moving with makeup – these products are my recent go-to and fave makeup ever since I started learning and applying makeup!

It took me a while to find the products that I love right now (and will probably stick to for a while) since they are mostly Kbeauty products and they are not exactly easy to get especially if you live in the Philippines. Luckily, the products that I’ve discovered (and bought from Korea) are now available in the Philippines as these brands have been opening outlets in the country.



Club Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion was my go-to “I want to look flawless” foundation ever since Soo Beauty raved about it on YouTube. Sadly, this product was “repackaged” as well as the formula.

While finishing my remaining Club Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion, I was doing my research on a good replacement foundation and that was how I stumbled upon Innisfree’s My Foundation line.

During our trip to Bangkok, we looked for the Innisfree store to see and try out the product. My best friend was so amazed with how the lightest shade was very near my natural skin. She knew this was my problem as my skin is not a “normal” shade.

To test out the product, my best friend and I each bought a bottle during our trip in Bangkok so we could try it in Bangkok weather and WE WERE IMPRESSED. It was hot (as heck) but our foundation was still in place. During that trip, I bought the C13 2.5.

Fast forward to my Korea 2019 trip, I was supposed to buy another C13 2.5 bottle but since I was in a hurry I grabbed the wrong bottle and bought C13 2.1.

Initially I was devastated with my mistake but after trying out C13 2.1 back home in the Philippines, I was glad I made a mistake!! C13 2.1 was perfect for days where I wanted “light” makeup but it can still help me get that “flawless” look.

So what is Innisfree’s My Foundation line all about and what are the codes and letters? I decided to save some information so that you don’t have do search for them anymore.



This has been my HOLY GRAIL concealer that my friends also love!!!


After watching Hwan’e Online use this product to cover his pimple I WAS COMPLETELY SOLD. On camera there wasn’t a trace of redness or the pimple after he used this product. I immediately bought it because the concealer that I was using prior to this didn’t have enough coverage to cover my very dark eyebags.

This product didn’t disappoint me when I tried to apply it on my eyebags and my friends didn’t even notice I was “tired”. They have been asking me if I was getting good rest because my face looked “fresh” and I told them that this concealer was my secret. Most of them bought this concealer afterwards and HAVE BECOME FANS of it.



I have been using this product since I started learning how to apply makeup and have been loyal from day 1. The angled pencil on one side and the spoolie brush on the other side helped me make my eyebrows look as “natural” as possible.



I have been loyal to Mac’s Burgundy Times Nine since I bought it but I was not happy on the color palettes as they were a bit “dark”. But I have been constantly using it as I was still saving up for a 3CE palette.

When I had the chance to buy the 3CE palette, I was debating on 2 choices : Plot Twist or Overtake. I asked my mom what she thought would be “better” and she chose Overtake.

When we flew to Korea last April, I immediately bought the Overtake palette and was so happy with how pigmented the colors were. Koreans make good eyeshadow palettes but you have to spend on the expensive ones since I have been seeing bad reviews on “cheap” eyeshadow palettes.

I also came across single eyeshadows from Innisfree THAT I AM LOVING. The pigment on the glitter BLOWS MY MIND.

Here are what 3CE is saying about Overtake and how my Innisfree My eyeshadows look like as advertised:

3CE Overtake


Innisfree My Eyeshadow

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 6.11.57 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-21 at 6.12.07 PM



I was not a liquid eyeliner type of girl since last summer of 2018. We were in Vancouver attending my brother’s graduation and I needed a darker eyeliner (I used to use pencil) to help me shape my eyes better. My mom uses a liquid eyeliner so she suggested that I try her liquid eyeliner. I won’t joke around and say it was “easy” using the liquid eyeliner. It was hard and you definitely have to practice using it.



I have yet to try and buy different translucent powders but my usual go-to is the Loreal Infallable Pro-Matte powder. It has helped me keep my makeup last throughout the day. My other go-to powder (for the time being) is the Srichand Translucent Powder that I bought during my trip to Bangkok. It is said to be the best translucent powder in Thailand so I had to buy it! I just have a hard time using the Srichand Translucent Powder but it does wonders better than the Loreal Infallable Pro-Matte.


I am not a fan of contours but after watching Edward Avila and Joan Kim’s 2018 K-beauty Makeup Faves I was instantly sold with the contour they were using. Edward swatched his Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder with Joan’s Innisfree My Contour Palette AND IT WAS A CLOSE DUPE.

Both Edward and Joan’s contour palette, when swatched, looked like shadows so they looked very very natural!


Edward’s Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder was wayy to expensive for me so I settled with Joan’s Innisfree My Contour palette. When I went to the store I initially planned on copying what she has but later settled with buying only 1 single contour powder.

I had to get Shade 1 since my skin was so light and this was the one that can give me that “shadow” effect.

There are 4 contouring colors from Innisfree’s My Contour Line:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 6.31.00 PM

How Innisfree My Contour Shade 01 looks like for fair skin:10983_5



I was invited to an event by Club Clio here in Manila and they had their new items on display during that time and that was how I was able to come across the highlighter I am currently using!

Backstory on the highlighter – I used to use a Mac highlighter before discovering Club Clio’s highlighter. My mom would always comment on my makeup when I used to use my Mac highlighter and tell me that it doesn’t “fit” my face. That’s when I reazlied I needed to find a new highlighter. Lucky for me, I did.

I chose the shade Fairy Pink since it has a hint of pink that blends and compliments well when I apply on my face.

Same dilemma with the highlighter – I used to use a Mac blush on and my mom would tell me that there is something not “okay” with the makeup I was using. I was thinking that they were probably “too dark” for my complexion since my skin is on the “whiter” side.

Walking around 3CE’s store during our last trip, my mom suggested that I choose from 3CE’s blush because she noticed the models for 3CE had that “natural” blush and thought it would also look good on me. We spent some time and decided to get the Face Blush in Pure Cake. This was part of their 2019 spring collection.

Other shades of the Club Clio Prism Air Highlighter, 3CE Face Blush (2019 Spring collection) and how they were advertised:

(I boxed the shades that I am using)

Club Clio Prism Air Highlighter

L_g0091868090_000.jpgCLIO-Prism-Air-Highlighter-7g--3_shop1_170153 copy.jpgL_g0091868090_007 copy.jpgclio_highlighter_02_470x509_crop_top.gif

3CE Face Blush

190306-pure-cake(1)_en190306-pure-cake(6)_en190306-BLUSH(1)_en copy.jpg190306-BLUSH(1-1)_en copy.jpg



Before anything else, I make sure my lips are as moisturized as they can be by applying a lip balm before I sleep and before I apply my lip makeup. This has to be my favorite because it really helps me removes the dead skin on my lips. My mom loves this lip balm as well.


Before putting on lipstick, I always apply and use my MAC (probably the only MAC product I am using right now). This Prep+Prime Lip Primer has helped my lipstick last the whole day/night even if I eat or drink.

I have a lot of lipsticks that are not included in photo, but recently I have been reaching out and using these 6 shades depending on how I feel during the day.

I tried my best to find the other shades of the lipstick line that I use so I can show you other colors. My recent go-to lippies were advertised like this:

(I boxed the shades that I am using)

3CE Matte Lipstick

180517-224(1)_en180517-224(5)_en180517-purple(2)_en copy180517-purple(3)_en copy180517-purple(5)_en copy180517-purple(6)_en copy

Club Clio Rouge Heel Velvet

Rouge Heel Velvet-05 copy.jpg

Pony Effect Outfit Lipstick

pony effect outfit lipstick.jpg61LeOKNPD4L._SL1000_ copy.jpg61x0avDUfwL._SL1000_ copy.jpg

Innisfree Real Fit Velvet Lipstick

10931_5innisfree real fit velvet lipstick copy

Nature Republic Real Matte Lipstick

3048_Real_Matte_Lipstick_Option copy3048_Real_Matte_Lipstick_Detail copy



Some people ask me why I don’t follow bloggers or YouTubers from my country. I would just kindly tell them that I trust these Korean YouTubers more since they don’t shy away from actually calling out a product if they didn’t like it or if it didn’t work for them.

Edward Avila

One of my forever favorites ever since I found him on YouTube. He never tries to hide or change how he acts plus he really would tell you, the viewer, if the product is just a waste of money or just an advertising gig. Plus he’s just so fun to watch.

Soo Beauty

I came accross Soo Beauty’s channel while trying to look for good reviews for the Club Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion. It was actually her review that convinced me to buy the cushion and it was her video that I discovered that the “new” packaging for the Club Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion was not as good as the original one.

She has oily, acne-prone skin and you can see the changes on the skin for the products that she uses THAT REALLY WORKS WONDERS. There would be times where she’ll also recommend if the product is perfect for humid countries – UGH YES! (Philippines is crazy humid)

Joan Kim

One of the YouTubers known for her love with good skincare products. She would always promote that it’s very important to take care of one’s skin. I actually discovered COSRX and Innisfree because of her! Both of them are really good products for any skin type.


I have been a fan of Hwan’e ever since I watched his GRWM videos where he used the CLUB CLIO KILL COVER PRO ARTIST LIQUID CONCEALER (aka my HOLY GRAIL which my friends and I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE). After watching his videos, I immediately went to a Club Clio store to buy one!!! That was how much I was convinced about the product. It was able to cover up his pimples on cam and it was ENOUGH to convince me that it can cover my eyebags well.


* TIP * 

If you live in the Philippines and you want to buy 3CE products, follow Style Nanda on Instagram. They usually announce when they have “free shipping” for 24 hours. They have this monthly and the parcel gets delivered straight to your house (I have tried this already).

It took me some time to find my recent go-to skincare and makeup products since I was finding what would fit me best.

Hopefully this post was able to help someone or at least give an idea on what product to check or look out for.

I’ll try and do another one if I discover/use new products in the future. 💖💖

cover pic-01

💚, R

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