I remembered that it was days before my flight out of Manila when it was announced that Seungri will be coming to Manila. I screamed (internally) because MY FIRST BIAS AND MY BIG BANG BIAS was having his solo concert here!!!! I would always check up on twitter even while I was abroad to keep track on when ticket selling would be! I even alarmed my phone when ticket selling was about to start due to time difference. I dragged my family (ty fam) and hid in a Starbucks to buy the tickets.

I wasn’t allowed to watch alone so I bought another ticket and dragged my mom along with me. (spoiler: she didn’t know any song but she kept on laughing and had a great time during the concert and is now having LSS with one of Seungri’s impromptu songs).

There were two package options: sound check and group photo opportunity. I didn’t have to think twice to know what I was getting. I chose the group photo opportunity because even if I wasn’t near him for the photo, seeing him up close would already make my VIP heart (hello 2008 self) crazy happy.

Concert day came and we were just in time for the show to start (well we waited for a few minutes but everyone was already inside!!). Our seat view was not what I expected because I had the impression that my view would be center stage since those were the seats that I bought. Unfortunately I heart that there were a lot of lower box ticket holders that were relocated to sit in the VIP area and were also given free group photo opportunity pass! (I was not happy when I heard about this news)

Nonetheless, I didn’t let it ruin my night since all that mattered to me was that I was at MOA Arena and that I was going to watch my first bias and my favorite from Big Bang have his solo concert.

All throughout the concert, Seungri made sure to make us laugh, dance to our favorite Big Bang songs, made sure to remind us that he also has killer vocals and dance moves, interact with fans on a whole new level – HE SANG A FILIPINO SONG THAT HE LEARNED 2 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONCERT!! Seungri also called his mom via Facetime to tell her that he’s in Manila for a concert!

To all the concerts that I’ve been to, I believe that the The Great Seungri has climbed it’s way to be my favorite concert. I never had this much fun and laughed (like a crazy person) during a concert.

Here are some shots during the concert! It was held in MOA Arena.
For those who want to see the set list, I’m placing it also below so scroll downΒ πŸ’›
(might not be accurate as I had too much fun)


my old BB light stick to represent that I’m such an old fan! I believe this was version 2 of the Bang Bong
glad my mom had so much fun!!


here are some clips of when he would “Google” Big Bang members when he misses them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚





I felt a bit sad when he sang Flower Road and clips of the 5 of them were being played. I can’t imagine how much the stage feels empty when you’re used to being with 4 other people on stage.


So amazed when he replaced “1,2,3” with “Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo (Filipino for 1,2,3) throughout the whole song!!


Thank you for adding Philippines to your stop even if it was very last minute decision. I can’t wait until you’re reunited with the rest of Big Bang πŸ’›
He really deserves the title “The Great Seungri”
post concert, pre group photo session!
Up until now, I still can’t believe I saw Seungri up close! I admired him since I was 15!
I was a bit far and the lady with the finger heart went immediately in front of Seungri even if she was the last to enter for our group photo 😭
ahh much better πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

My Big Bang fangirl heart was the happiest that day!!
I really can’t wait for the 5 of them to be reunited one dayπŸ’›

πŸ’š, R

The Great Seungri Set List in MNL
(might not be accurate, I was too busy enjoying the concert πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…)

1. Bang Bang Bang
2. Let’s Talk About Love
3. GG Be
4. Gotta Talk to U
5. Alone
6. Hotline
7. If You
8. Where R U From
-Sandara Park intro-
9. Fire (Sandara Park)
10. Crush (Sandara Park)
11. Go Away (Sandara Park)
12. I Am The Best (Sandara Park)
* Anne Curtis and Ryan Bang shows up on stage (Filipino actors/famous TV personalities)
13. Dahil Sa’yo (Filipino song, duet with Sandara Park)
14. We Like 2 Party
15. My Heaven
16. Hands Up
17. Lies
18. Bae Bae
19. Crooked (GD’s song)
20. Good Boy (GD and Taeyang’s song)
21. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang’s song)
22. Flower Road
23. 1,2,3 (he sang the 1,2,3 in Filipino!!!)
24. Strong Baby
25. Fantastic Baby
26. In My World


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