BTS x BBQ Chicken in BGC

The first time I encountered BTS x BBQ Chicken was when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year and “discovered” the place by accident. We ate at the restaurant that was at the 2nd floor but that didn’t stop me from taking a lot of photos outside the restaurant!

practically went crazy as soon as I saw this! I texted (imessaged) my friend immediately!


had to take a pic with this cutie!

all photos taken using an iPhone

When I came back from my Hong Kong trip I came across this photo online, someone talked/wrote about this restaurant. This was actually the first thing I looked for when my friend and I went to visit the BGC branch in Fort Strip. (Sad to say this poster isn’t there anymore 😢😭)

2b6679ba75f6cb749e0d1108fc99e0834f5c4e74_hqcredits to owner

Moving on the restaurant itself, here is how it looks like externally and internally!


lol hi Deanne!


zooming in on the poster! (it’s exactly the same as the one I saw in Hong Kong)

all photos taken using an iPhone

Here is their menu ❤️️

IMG_1074IMG_1075IMG_1076IMG_1077IMG_1078IMG_1079all photos taken using an iPhone

Before going to the place, I already “researched” (lol) what BTS’s ate!! It’s called YANGNYUM CHICKEN just in case anyone’s curious! My friend and I, of course, decided to order that! We ordered Yangnyum Chicken Platter and Bibimbap!

IMG_1089IMG_1090IMG_1093all photos taken using an iPhone

If you’re an A.R.M.Y. then this place is perfect for you to hang or chill with your friends  ❤️️ Raise your hand if you’re an A.R.M.Y. as well!!

Throwback to one of their CFs for BBQ Chicken!

💚, R

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